Corporate Partnership Masterclass

19 October 2022

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Jade Ashby-Rozier, Transaid

Corporate Partnership Masterclass

There are ordinary partnerships and there are exceptional partnerships. Ordinary partnerships deliver mediocre results. Exceptional partnerships help you deliver your purpose with greater certainty and increased speed.

Remarkable Partnerships are proud to present our Corporate Partnerships Masterclass, enabling you to transform your ability to attract, secure and deliver truly exceptional partnerships.

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Partnership Growth Crash Course

Move your corporate partnerships from ordinary to Remarkable.

There is ordinary account management and there is exceptional account management. Ordinary account management delivers mediocre results. Exceptional account management transforms your partners into corporate champions.

Remarkable Partnerships are proud to present our Partnership Growth Crash Course, giving you the skills, tools and confidence for you to provide an excellent partnership experience and  maximise value from your corporate partnerships.

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New Business Crash Course

In the world of the coronavirus crisis, there are two types of companies. Those that are thriving and those that are fighting for survival. Having run brainstorms on adapting new business approaches for over 90 charities in the past two months, we have built a strong track record of engaging both types of companies in major, game-changing partnerships.

Remarkable Partnerships are proud to share our insight and learning with you on our New Business Crash Course, enabling you to emerge stronger from the coronavirus by seizing the opportunities the crisis provides.

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NewBusiness Crash Course

This course gives you everything you need to know to secure partnerships that you dream about. Delivered in a personal, engaging and inspiring way. Thank you Remarkable Partnerships!

Lisa Gill, Parkinson’s UK

Corporate Partnerships Masterclass

This was easily the most engaging and practical training I have everbeen on. The content provides everything you need from beginner to pro, giveyou lots of personal time to refine your approach and gives you all theresources you need. I put the RP team's advice into practice and secured a newopportunity with a partner, nearly doubling the financial value of our partnership.I have no doubt that I can attribute a lot of my success over the next fewyears to this masterclass.

Konna Beeson, TREEAID

Account Management Crash Course

The thing I really Ioved about the course is that theteam at Remarkable Partnerships were really great at getting our team to sharepersonal stories about how we've navigated various challenges so the sessionbecame a real peer learning activity as well as training - I would definitelyrecommend if you're looking at spicing up your account management through a newlens!

Lucy Newman, Mind